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Dictionary of 1000 Idioms red
Dictionary of 1000 Idioms red
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A Glossary of English Grammar
A Glossary of English Grammar presents a wide range of terms used to describe the way the English language is structured. Grammatical terms can be a problem for students, especially when there are alternative names for the same thing (for example, 'past tense' and 'preterite'). This book therefore provides a basic and accessible guide, focusing on the English language.

Definitions of grammatical terms are given in simple language, with clear examples, many from authentic texts and spoken sources, showing how they are used. The terms used in the Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language are widely seen as standard, and form the basis of grammatical terminology in this book. At the same time, this glossary does not neglect other variants of English grammar, such as that of Huddleston and Pullum's influential Cambridge Grammar of the English Language, whose most important terms are also covered here.

This book is indispensable for anyone wishing to understand present-day terminology of English grammar more fully.
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Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary
The most extensive phrasal verbs dictionary available! All examples are corpus-based, and all definitions are written using the 2,000-word Longman Defining Vocabulary, so they are easy to understand.

5,000 phrasal verbs, including computing, business, and the Internet.
Unique Phrasal Verbs Activator® helps learners choose the right phrasal verb for the context.
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Dictionary of Transportation & Logistics
The terms, abbreviations and acronyms included herein cover:

 heavy vehicle technology;
 road haulage and own-account transport operations;
 passenger vehicle and public service operations;
 legal aspects of transport;
 supply-chain management;
 freighting by rail, air, sea and inland waterway;
 passenger transport by rail, sea and air;
 transport policy and planning;
 related business, accounting and information technology.

An asterisk (*) is used to denote a cross-referenced entry.
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