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at all

“At all” means something like “anything more than zero” or “even a little bit.”

It’s often used in negatives:

I don’t eat pork at all. = I don’t eat pork – not even a little bit.
He doesn’t exercise at all. = He does NO exercise
The party was no fun at all. = There was zero fun, not even a little
I can’t sing at all. = I have zero singing talent

In questions, the person is inquiring about ANY activity, even small/infrequent:

Do you drive at all? = Do you drive – even a little bit / infrequently?

If you drive (even only a little bit / occasionally), then the answer is YES.

If you never drive, then the answer is NO.

Did he say anything at all? = Did he say anything, even just a tiny/short phrase?

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