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1 a [+ object] : to make (someone or something) cold or cool

Chill the dessert for one hour before serving it.

— often used as (be) chilled

The spectators were chilled by the cold wind.

chilled wine

a chilled soup

I was chilled to the bone/marrow.
[=very cold]

b [no object] : to become cold or cool

Let the dessert chill for one hour before serving it.

2 [+ object] : to cause (someone) to feel afraid

Here's a ghost story that will chill you.

Her screams chilled me to the bone/marrow.

a horrible sight that chilled my bones/blood

3 [no object] informal

a :
to become more relaxed : to become less tense, anxious, or angry

He thinks his parents are way too uptight and says they should just chill.

— often + out

They should just chill out.

— often used as a command

Chill (out), man

b : to spend time in a relaxed manner

I decided to stay home and chill.

— often + out

She's been chilling out with her girlfriends.

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