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To scarify something is to cover it with lots of small scratches or cuts.

Figuratively, to scarify people is to hurt them emotionally, especially with mean comments.

SCARE if eye

Part of speech:
Transitive verb.
(Like "eat," "try," and "want," all transitive verbs do something to an object.
You eat a banana, try a game, and want a new phone.
Likewise, you scarify something or someone.)

Other forms:
scarified, scarifying, scarifyingly,
scarification(s), scarifier(s)/scarificator(s)

How to use it:
This is an unusual word, and it's possible your readers or listeners will misunderstand it as "to scare." So I suggest, when you use this word, that you make sure there's enough context so people know what you mean.

You might use the word literally if you're talking about farming, medicine, woodworking, road-laying, body modification, etc.

Otherwise, talk figuratively about people who scarify each other, or about criticism and comments that scarify people.

In ninth grade, he resented his classmates: it was their onslaught of petty little insults that scarified him.

When she dropped her lunch tray, splattering milk and spaghetti onto her dress and the floor, I regret joining in on the scarifying laughter.

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