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One meaning of "charity" is "a spirit or attitude toward other people of kindness, love, generosity, fairness, and/or forgiveness."

Something charitable (full of charity) is kind, loving, generous, fair, and/or forgiving.

So, something uncharitable is unkind, unloving, ungenerous, unfair, and/or unforgiving.

un CHAIR it uh bull

Part of speech:
(Adjectives are describing words, like "large" or "late."
They can be used in two ways:
1. Right before a noun, as in "an uncharitable thing" or "an uncharitable person."
2. After a linking verb, as in "It was uncharitable" or "He was uncharitable.")

Other forms:
uncharitably, uncharity, uncharitableness;
charity, charitable, charitably, charitableness

How to use it:
Talk about charitable or uncharitable people, actions, behavior, comments, thoughts, descriptions, interpretations, etc.

Our president is notorious for slapping people with uncharitable nicknames, turning Jeff Flake into Jeff Flakey, Steve Bannon into Sloppy Steve, and Kim Jong Un into Little Rocket Man.

The main character in No More Dead Dogs loves to tell the truth, the whole truth, but he can't recognize that he's being uncharitable: "I told my soon-to-be ex-piano teacher that her fingernails reminded me of velociraptor claws. The cook at summer camp I informed that his pork chop could double as a bulletproof vest. My cousin Melinda's clarinet playing I described as 'somebody strangling a duck.'"

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