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Resplendent people and things are brilliantly beautiful.

"ruh SPLEN dunt"
(or "ree SPLEN dunt")

Part of speech:
(Adjectives are describing words, like "large" or "late."
They can be used in two ways:
1. Right before a noun, as in "a resplendent thing" or "a resplendent person."
2. After a linking verb, as in "It was resplendent " or "She was resplendent.")

Other forms worth knowing:
Resplendently, resplendence/resplendency.
Although it's rare, you can say that something resplends, or that it's resplending.

How to use it:
"Resplendent" is a beautiful word with a strong positive tone. It's less common than "splendid," "dazzling," and "brilliant," so it's a great word to pick when you need to be especially emphatic. Just remember that it suggests a literal or figurative shine or brightness.

Talk about resplendent people, animals, objects, buildings, landscapes, music, art, films, writing, humor, days, nights, memories, etc.

Often we'll say someone is resplendent in something: "she was resplendent in her wedding gown," "he takes the stage, resplendent in his costume," "she stood, resplendent in her victory."

And something can be resplendent with certain features: "a candy shop resplendent with gumballs," "an ending resplendent with glory."

This is how children get spoiled: I can't say no to the balloon or the cookie when her face is so resplendent with hope.

It always seems so dull to sing the alto part, the notes that hang around in the shadows of the melody's resplendence.

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