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This word has Latin roots that literally mean "wandering away from."

An aberration is something strange or unusual that doesn't fit with the pattern or the expectation.

AB uh RAY shun

Part of speech:
It's usually countable ("an aberration," "one aberration," "multiple aberrations"),
but it can also be uncountable ("such aberration," "a great deal of aberration").

Other forms:
The adjective is "aberrant;" the adverb, "aberrantly."
(Or, if you prefer, use the less common "aberrational" and "aberrationally.")

The verb forms are "aberrate," "aberrated," and "aberrating."
(Things can aberrate on their own, and things can aberrate other things.)

And, an aberration can also be called an aberrance or an aberrancy.

How to use it:
This word has a scientific tone, so it can sound a bit cold, clinical, or detached when we use it outside of scientific fields, like optics or biology.

Examples of aberrations include actions, choices, events, outcomes, results, scores, victories and losses in sporting events and other competitions, social and historical movements and upheavals, etc. Basically, if it's strange, unusual, unexpected, and different from the norm or the pattern, you can call it an aberration.

You can get more specific by adding an adjective: talk about mental aberrations, genetic aberrations, natural aberrations, astronomical aberrations, etc.

Because aberrations are abnormalities or exceptions, and because we talk about aberrations in terms of what's normal, we can say that one thing is an aberration in, among, or from other things.

We often talk about viewing, interpreting, classifying, or even dismissing something as an aberration.

And, just as often, we point out that one thing is not an aberration but instead reveals the truth or the new normal: "His crime wasn't an aberration; he's always been a criminal." "Their victory isn't an aberration; it's a sign that they've truly improved."

Sadly, the blogger's experience as an "independent presenter" with Younique (which included going into debt, earning nothing, and alienating her friends) wasn't an aberration. It was par for the course.

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