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Brusque people and things are rude because they're blunt, harsh, short, and/or abrupt.


Part of speech:
(Adjectives are describing words, like "large" or "late."
They can be used in two ways:
1. Right before a noun, as in "a brusque manner" or "a brusque person."
2. After a linking verb, as in "It was brusque" or "He was brusque.")

Other forms:
brusquely, brusqueness or brusquerie ("BRUSS kuh ree")

How to use it:
Talk about brusque people and personalities, brusque manners and ways, brusque behaviors and attitudes, brusque comments and criticisms, brusque responses and replies, brusque emails and voice messages, a brusque style of speaking, brusque customer service, etc.

To be a little sarcastic, talk about brusque welcomes and brusque receptions.

And to be a little figurative, talk about brusque confidence, brusque moodiness, brusque diplomacy, etc.

It's her way or the highway; she brushes off suggestions with brusque disdain.

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