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To abscond is to run off and hide.

Either "ab SCOND" or "ub SCOND."

Part of speech:
the intransitive kind:
"she absconded," "he's absconding," "they're absconding with the paintings."

Other forms:
Absconded, absconding, absconder(s).
We have three versions of the noun: abscondence, abscondment, & absconsion.

How to use it:
Talk about people absconding--usually people like thieves, pickpockets, prisoners, kidnappers, people wanted for questioning by the police, etc.

People abscond from a place, abscond to another place, and abscond with something they stole.

To use this word more loosely or figuratively, talk about teenagers absconding from their rooms late at night, engaged couples absconding to Vegas, talented employees absconding to better companies, performers and films absconding with awards and accolades, random socks absconding from the dryer, etc.

For someone who absconded from her royal responsibilities into a life of solitude and seclusion, Elsa built a surprisingly conspicuous new castle.

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