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1 [count] : a border made of hanging threads used to decorate the edge of something (such as clothing, rugs, and curtains)

a lampshade with a fringe

2 [count] : a narrow area along the edge of something

a fringe of moss around the tree

— often plural

Scientists were measuring temperatures at the outer fringes of the atmosphere.

3 [singular] : an area of activity that is related to but not part of whatever is central or most widely accepted

a party on the political fringe

a group of people with extreme views or unpopular opinions

the conservative/liberal fringe

— often used before another noun

a fringe topic

published in a fringe journal

fringe theater

the fringe element

fringe activists

4 [count] British : the front section of hair cut short and worn over the forehead : BANGS — usually singular

She wears her hair in a fringe.

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