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1 [+ object]

a :
to have control of (something, such as a business, department, sports team, etc.)

She manages  [=runs]  her family's bakery.

The business is managed by the owner's daughter.

The company is badly managed.

When she managed the department, we never missed a deadline.

b : to take care of and make decisions about (someone's time, money, etc.)

He manages his own finances.

You need to manage
 [=use]  your time more wisely.

c : to direct the professional career of (someone, such as an entertainer or athlete)

an agency that manages entertainers

2 [+ object]

a :
to control the movements or actions of (something)

She manages  [=handles]  her skis well.

He is skillful in managing horses.

to keep (something) under your control

He's not able to manage  [=(more commonly) control]  his emotions.

This form of diabetes can be managed by diet.  [=it can be controlled by eating a certain way]

b : to control the behavior of (a child, animal, etc.)

She has difficulty managing  [=handling]  her young students.

3 [+ object] : to use (something) carefully and without waste

There's enough food if we manage it well.

We need to do a better job of managing our natural resources.

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