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1 : not shared : available to only one person or group

We have exclusive use of the beach.  [=we are the only ones who can use the beach]

The company has exclusive rights to (use) the logo.

an exclusive interview

2 a [more exclusive; most exclusive] : only allowing in people from a high social class

He belongs to an exclusive club.

an exclusive hotel

an exclusive party

2 b [more exclusive; most exclusive] : available to only a few people because of high cost

exclusive suburban neighborhoods

She attended an exclusive private school.

one of the city's most exclusive restaurants

3 : full and complete

They gave their exclusive attention to the job.

— exclusively adverb

a restaurant that exclusively  [=only]  serves vegetarian cuisine = a restaurant that serves vegetarian cuisine exclusively

The store's customers were almost exclusively
 [=all]  male.

— exclusiveness noun [noncount]

The club has been criticized for its exclusiveness.  [=exclusivity]

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