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1 : to eat slowly or with small bites

[+ object]

We nibbled cheese and crackers.

[no object]

We nibbled on some cheese and crackers before dinner.

— often + at

She felt a fish nibble at the end of her fishing line.

Insects nibbled at the tree's leaves.

— sometimes used figuratively

He nibbled at the idea of changing careers  [=he thought briefly about changing careers],  but decided against it in the end.

2 [+ object] : to bite (something) very gently

He nibbled her ear.

nibble (away) at [phrasal verb]

nibble (away) at (something)

- to make (something) disappear or go away very slowly

Police have been nibbling (away) at crime in the city for years.  [=police have been very slowly reducing the amount of crime in the city]

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