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Something innate has been a part of someone since birth (or has been a part of something since its very start).

In other words, innate things have always been a natural and permanent part of something or someone.

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Part of speech:
"this innate ability," "his talent is innate."

Other forms:
innately, innateness

How to use it:
Talk about the innate traits, qualities, characteristics, flaws, weaknesses, talents, desires and so on that people, groups, places, or things have.

If you call something innate and you're being literal, then you're describing a characteristic present since birth: "With her flat nose, the Himalayan cat has an innate susceptibility to breathing problems."

But often we use "innate" figuratively: "his innate love for the violin," "America's innate drive to compete."

I prefer stories that highlight our innate goodness (e.g., The Diary of Anne Frank) rather than our innate evil (The Lord of the Flies).

"The desire to climb arbitrary ranking ladders seems to be an innate human instinct. The World Bank hopes to harness it for good. ... The bank’s Human Capital Index seeks to show, as a simple percentage, how close a country comes to providing education and healthy lives to all residents, thus maximizing their opportunity to succeed."

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