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To negate something is to cancel it out or to make it ineffective.

(Less commonly, to negate something is to say that it isn't true, or to make it be untrue.)

nuh GATE

Part of speech:
Verb, the transitive kind: "this negates it," "she negated that."

Other forms:
negated, negating; negater(s); negation, negational

How to use it:
When "nix" is too short or too casual, and when "eliminate," "invalidate," and "counterbalance" are too long or too clunky, pick "negate."

Talk about people, events, actions, choices, or statements that negate things.

What kinds of things get negated? Facts, conditions, circumstances, effects, powers, needs, rights, desires, points, ideas, arguments, orders, statements, gains, losses, benefits or advantages, drawbacks or disadvantages, etc.

Vaccines don't cause autism; that hypothesis has been thoroughly negated by science.

"If the dollar keeps rising, it could simply negate much of the gains the president is now achieving from his tariff strategy."

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