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A miscreant is a person who behaves very badly. In other words, a miscreant is a criminal or a villain.

MISS kree unt

Part of speech:
Noun, the countable kind: "he's a miscreant," "she's such a miscreant."

Other forms:
The plural is "miscreants."

"Miscreant" is also an adjective: "these miscreant politicians," "an entire miscreant society." But if you prefer your adjectives to look more adjectival, use the rare "miscreantic" (MISS kree AN tick).

Also rare, the adverb is "miscreantly" (MISS kree unt lee).

For a noun, pick "miscreance" (MISS kree unce) or "miscreancy" (MISS kree un see).

How to use it:
This word can range from serious and insulting ("that miscreant in charge of public spending") to funny and lighthearted ("that miscreant who wrote 'USE WATER' below the sign stating 'IN CASE OF FIRE DO NOT USE ELEVATOR'").

We often use its plural form, "miscreants," to lump wrongdoers into a general group.

And although a miscreant is usually a person, you can certainly personify things, animals, and ideas as miscreants: "Saturated fat is the current miscreant on our menu" (Washington Times).

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