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"Resonate" literally means "to sound again."

When things resonate, or when things resonate with people, they echo, or they affect people emotionally (as if they're echoing in the people's minds or hearts).

And, when things resonate with something, they're filled with that thing, as if that thing is echoing inside it, as in "The room resonates with music" or "The movie resonates with wisdom."

REZ uh nate

Part of speech:
Intransitive verb.
(Like "sleep," "skydive," and "succeed," all intransitive verbs show complete action on their own and do not do action to an object. You sleep, you skydive, you succeed, and that’s it. You don’t "sleep a bed," "skydive a plane," or "succeed a plan."
Likewise, something resonates, something resonates with people, or something resonates with a quality.)

Other forms:
resonated, resonating,
resonant, resonantly

How to use it:
This word is formal, serious, and often positive.

Let's look first at the more common meaning. (To resonate with people is to touch them deeply, as if setting off an echo within them.)

So, say that something resonates, or that it resonates with people: a poem resonates with you, a poorly planned ad campaign fails to resonate with consumers, a senator's sensitive apology resonates with the public.

Things that often resonate include ideas, themes, messages, warnings, images, stories, poems, songs, actions, and gestures.

Let's also take a quick look at the second meaning. (To resonate with a quality is to be full of it, as if it's swirling around, echoing again and again.) Talk about about rooms, other spaces, and other concrete or abstract things that resonate with particular sounds or other qualities: the auditorium resonated with delighted laughter, the living room resonates with cheer, the wine resonates with flavors, the novel resonates with tender beauty.

Which Dr. Seuss story resonates the most deeply with you? For me it might be Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!, for its reminder of how powerful the imagination is, and how content we can be inside our own minds.

When it comes on the radio even now, Lenny Kravitz's "Again" still resonates with memories of high school.

“Education is not received. It is achieved.”