Adjective > Awkward

Adjective – Awkward

1 a : not graceful : CLUMSY

She is awkward at dancing.

He had large feet and his walk was awkward and ungainly.

an awkward movement

The story contained some awkward writing.

1 b : lacking skill

She is an awkward writer.

2 : difficult to use or handle

The machine is very awkward to operate.

an awkward tool

The box isn’t heavy but it has an awkward shape and size. (=its shape and size make it difficult to carry)

3 a : not easy to deal with

It was an awkward (=embarrassing) moment for everyone.

I often find myself in awkward situations.

He was put in the awkward position of having to write the memo.

There was an awkward pause in the conversation.

3 b : not socially graceful or confident : uneasy or uncomfortable

I feel awkward (about) having to ask you to help.

He feels awkward with/around strangers.

awkwardly adverb

The baby was crawling awkwardly on her hands and knees.

He fell and landed awkwardly.

an awkwardly written sentence

awkwardness noun, plural awkwardnesses


A moment of awkwardness occurred after the introduction.

the awkwardness of the writing


There was an awkwardness between us when we last saw each other.