Adjective > Circussy

Like it sounds, something circussy reminds you of a circus because, whether or not it involves actual clowns, animals, and/or acrobatics, it’s full of color, movement, showiness, and spectacle, as if it’s being staged for our entertainment.

SIR kuh see

Part of speech:
Adjective: “a circussy style,” “the heroics were circussy.”

Other forms:
circus, circuses

How to use it:
This word is fun, casual, and rare. It often has a bit of a critical tone.

Talk about circussy shows, performances, music, movies, ceremonies, celebrations, displays, colors, decor, etc.

The music video for Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” is deliberately circussy, with its neon kaleidoscope of confetti, streamers, and Silly String.

When polls show that Americans fear clowns more than climate change, maybe it’s time to make our documentaries on the latter a bit more circussy?