Noun > Layer

Noun – Layer


1 : an amount of something that is spread over an area

Everything was covered by a thin layer of sand/dust.

a layer of clouds

2 : a covering piece of material or a part that lies over or under another

The top layer of the rug is badly worn but the bottom layer is still OK.

The cake has three layers.

She glued together several layers of paper.

He was wearing several layers of clothing.

rocks that formed in layers from flows of lava

(US) When the weather is cold you should dress in layers. (=you should wear several pieces of clothing on top of one another)

— often used figuratively

His novels have many layers (=levels) of meaning.

a dish that has many layers of flavor (=that has many different flavors)

3 : a bird that lays eggs

Their hens were poor layers. (=their hens did not produce many eggs)

4 : a worker who lays something (such as bricks)

a brick layer