5 Times You Should NOT Use A Preposition

Prepositions like inofatfrom, and to are used very frequently in English!

However, there are some cases in which you shouldn’t use one – and in today’s lesson, you’ll learn 5 times you should not use a preposition.

After go, we usually use to + place:

I’m going to the mall.
We went to Paris last year.

Exceptions: home and downtown.

Do not use “to” with these!

I’m going home.
We went downtown last night.

We usually use on + a day and in + a month:

I have a meeting on Friday.
We’ll call you on March 1st.
The concert is in June.

Do NOT use in/on with yesterday, tomorrow, this, last, next

I have a meeting tomorrow.
We’ll call you next Friday.
The concert is this June.

We usually use into for movement from outside to inside:

She came into my room.
Let’s go into the house.

Exception: enter

She entered my room.
Let’s enter the house.

Enter into is only used for starting agreements, negotiations, discussions, etc.

The two companies entered into a financial agreement.
Spain and France will enter into trade negotiations next month.

We don’t use to after attend when it means to go or to be present:

Nine students attended the lecture.
I regularly attend yoga classes.

You could use go to instead of attend:

Nine students went to the lecture.
I regularly go to yoga classes.

Attend to means to pay attention to or handle something:

Doctors attended to the people who were injured in the accident.
We’ll attend to that problem later.

Do not use of when lack is used as a verb:

I sometimes lack confidence.
Last night’s dinner lacked salt.

We use of when lack is used as a noun:

I’m trying to overcome my lack of confidence.
The lack of salt made the food tasteless.