Adjective > Rugged

Adjective – Rugged

1 : having a rough, uneven surface

the rugged surface of the moon

She did a painting of the region’s rugged coastline.

2 : of a man’s face : having rough but attractive features

People are attracted to his rugged good looks.

3 : strong and determined

rugged pioneers

I admire her rugged individualism.

4 : made to be strong and tough

The chair is made of rugged plastic.

The fabric is lightweight but rugged.

5 : involving great difficulties or challenges : testing your physical, mental, or moral strength

a long and rugged winter

a rugged climb to the top of the mountain

the rugged life of a sailor

ruggedly adverb

a ruggedly handsome man

ruggedness noun (noncount)

the ruggedness of the terrain