Noun > Spread

Noun – Spread

1 (noncount) : growth or increase that causes something to cover a larger area, affect a larger number of people, etc. — often + of

We need to slow the spread of the disease/virus.

the spread of infection

the spread of new technology

2 : a soft food that is spread on bread, crackers, etc.


She offered crackers and a cheese spread.


He uses low-fat spread on his toast.

3 (count) : the total distance between the two outer edges of something — usually singular — often + of

the spread of a bird’s wings

The plant has a spread of three feet.

4 (count) informal : a large meal — usually singular

We always have a huge spread for Thanksgiving.

5 (count) : something (such as an advertisement or a series of photos) that covers two or more pages in a newspaper or magazine

a two-page spread

6 (count) US : bedspread

7 (count) US : a large farm or ranch — usually singular

He bought a spread of 100 acres.

They have quite a spread.

8 (count) : a variety or range of things or people — usually singular — often + of

The poll showed a large spread of opinions.