Phrasal Verb > Pick out

Phrasal Verb > Pick out

1 a : pick (something) out or pick out (something) : to choose or select (the best or most appropriate person or thing) from a group

It took him an hour to pick out [=pick] what to wear.

They let their two-year-old daughter pick out her own clothes.

I’ve picked out the perfect spot for our picnic.

picking out a gift for a friend

1 b : pick (something) out or pick out (something) : to play (a song, melody, etc.) by playing each note separately

She sat picking out a tune on the piano.

2 : pick (someone or something) out or pick out (someone or something) : to see and identify (someone or something)

His red hair makes it easy to pick him out of/in a crowd.

The police had a witness pick the suspect out of a lineup.

I could pick out the pattern against the background.

No one was able to pick out the originals from the copies.