Travel Phrasal Verbs

A phrasal verb is a verb made up of a verb plus one or more particles (e.g. of, in, up) that modify or change its meaning. For example, the phrasal verb “give up” means “stop doing”, which is different from the meaning of the verb “give” when it stands alone. Phrasal verbs are some of the most common verbs used in everyday English. Here is an exercise using phrasal verbs for travel situations.

Speed up Increase speed
Take off When the aircraft leaves the ground
Get in The time a train, bus or plane arrives
Turn back Return to where you came from
Look around To explore
Slow down Reduce speed
Pick up To stop for something and take it to your destination
Set off To start on a journey
Get away To go on holiday especially because you need a rest
Get off To leave a bus or a train#