Verb > Bring up

Verb > Bring up

1 bring (someone) up or bring up (someone) : to take care of and teach (a child who is growing up)

I was born and brought up (=raised, reared) in Chicago.

My grandparents brought me up after my parents died.

My parents brought me up to respect authority. (=my parents taught me to respect authority when I was a child)

2 bring (something) up or bring up (something) a : to mention (something) when talking : to start to talk about (something)

We were waiting for a suitable moment to bring up (=introduce, raise) the subject of his unpaid bills.

I wasn’t going to talk about money, but since you’ve brought it up, I guess it’s something we should really discuss.

I’m glad you mentioned money. That brings up the question of how much we can afford to spend.

2 bring (something) up or bring up (something) b computers : to cause (something, such as a file or picture) to appear on a computer screen

The system makes it easy to bring up (on the screen) information about any customer.

2 bring (something) up or bring up (something) c : 1VOMIT

The patient tried to eat some breakfast but immediately brought it back up again.

3 bring (someone) up : to cause (someone) to stop suddenly – used in phrases like bring up short and bring up suddenly

He was just starting to argue when her scream brought him up short.