Verb > Deny

Verb – Deny

(+ object)

1 a : to say that something is not true

He denied the report that he would be quitting his job.

She denies all the charges that have been made against her.

I don’t deny that I have made some mistakes. (=I admit that I have made some mistakes)

b : to refuse to accept or admit (something)

You can’t deny her beauty. = You can’t deny that she is beautiful.

She denied responsibility (=she said that she was not responsible) for the error.

2 : to refuse to give (something) to someone : to prevent someone from having or receiving (something)

The banks denied (=refused) them credit.

The judge denied their request.

I don’t want to deny them this pleasure. = I don’t want to deny this pleasure to them.

a government that denies its citizens basic freedoms