Verb > Emerge

Verb > Emerge

(no object)

1 a : to become known or apparent

The facts emerged after a lengthy investigation.

A simple pattern has emerged. (=become clear)

Several possible candidates have emerged.

1 b : to become known or regarded as something

She has emerged as a leading contender in the field.

His war record has emerged as a key issue in the election.

The movie has (suddenly/quickly/rapidly) emerged as one of the year’s most surprising hits.

2 : to rise or appear from a hidden or unknown place or condition : to come out into view

when land first emerged from the sea

The cat emerged from its hiding place behind the couch.

animals emerging from a long period of inactivity

3 : used to indicate the usually good state or condition of someone or something at the end of an event, process, etc.

Both sides in the election remain confident that they will emerge victorious/triumphant. (=that they will win)

He emerged unharmed from the accident. (=he was not harmed in the accident)