Verb > Lace

Verb – Lace

1 a (+ object) : to pull a lace through the holes of (a shoe, boot, etc.)

She was lacing (up) her shoes.

1 b (no object) : to be tied or fastened with a lace

a dress that laces in the back

1 c (+ object) : INTERLACE, INTERTWINE

She laced her fingers (together) behind her head.

2 a (+ object) : to add a small amount of a powerful substance (such as alcohol, a drug, or a poison) to (something, such as a drink) — usually + with

Someone had laced the punch with brandy.

The pills had been laced with poison.

2 b (+ object) : to add something that gives flavor or interest to (something) — usually used as (be) laced with

a sauce laced with garlic (=a sauce that has had garlic added to it)

conversation laced with sarcasm

Her reports were often laced with witty humor.