Verb > Submerge

Verb – Submerge

1 (+ object) : to make (someone or something) go under the surface of water or some other liquid : to cover (someone or something) with a liquid

After boiling the broccoli, submerge it in ice water to stop the cooking process.

The town was submerged by the flood.

2 (no object) : to go underwater

We watched as the divers prepared to submerge.

3 (+ object) : to make (yourself) fully involved in an activity or interest

After his sister died, he submerged (=immersed) himself in his work.

She’s a marvelous actress who submerges herself totally in her roles.

4 (+ object) : to keep (emotions, opinions, etc.) from being openly shown or expressed

It’s a job where you’ll have to submerge (=suppress) your ego and do what you’re told.

The passion is there in the music, though it’s often submerged.

submerged adjective

Some seals can stay submerged for an hour.

tales of a submerged city in the Mediterranean Sea